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Amazing Space Thingy Pt II: Private Space Travel

I wrote about exoplanets a couple of weeks ago. This is the other thing that I find really amazing.

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Bad Science, Bad Education

The badscience blog brings up an impressively misconceived “study” to take place in County Durham.

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The Death of a Cellphone

A K750i deserved better than this.

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More Power

In response to my entry on power a couple of months ago, my loyal reader writes:

“[W]hy are you against biomass? I thought it a rather good idea. Secondly, I think there is another promising technology that you’ve not mentioned. Micro-generation. It invloves people generating electricity from their own gas boilers in their houses and then supplying this back to the grid. Apparently, “the grid” in it’s current form is inefficient and this would help a lot. Also, I think it makes individula boilers more efficient.”

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Those who know me will often have heard me spouting off on one environmental topic or another. I thought it would be unfair on them not to inflict the same on my loyal reader. So I’ll start with the subject of power.

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