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Choice of Population and Mutation Frequencies

I read this article from Richard Dawkins as it seemed to be making a point about politics, language, and the way we think that I find really interesting. (I’ve had a post on language in science in draft for months!) However, what was most interesting was the insight I finally got into mutations in the population.

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Amazing Space Thingy Pt II: Private Space Travel

I wrote about exoplanets a couple of weeks ago. This is the other thing that I find really amazing.

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Amazing Space Thingy Pt I: Exoplanets

I’ve been interested in astronomy since I was very young – my interest kick-started by this great book – and much of what I learned over twenty years ago is still true now. There are two areas, though, where a lot has changed in the last decade or so. Here’s the first.

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Bad Science, Bad Education

The badscience blog brings up an impressively misconceived “study” to take place in County Durham.

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